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Surabhi Janlalyan Sanstha, Nagpur

Administrative Service Degree College

Affiliated to KaviKulguru Kalidas Saskrit University, Ramtek.

Recog. By Govt. of Maharashtra

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About Alumni

The main objectives of ASDC Alumni Office are:

To collect and update the database of alumni residing in India and abroad:

  • To inculcate the institute alumni interactive culture.
  • To probe the training, R & D, and placement opportunities through alumni.
  • To facilitate alumni to strengthen the bond towards the betterment of the institute.


  • To strengthen ties between the ASDC and alumni and encourage them to participate in the various cultural, social and scientific activities.
  • To encourage alumni and prospective graduates to participate in the self-development and professional development programs set up by the alumni committee of ASDC.
  • To guide the ASDC in the process of developing and planning academic programs targeted at alumni.
  • To make follow-up studies of employed alumni in order to improve their conditions.
  • To serve the community.
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